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Sit for Stephanie

Leslie and Friends raised $982 for Stephanie's Cottage at the first Sit For Stephanie in 2002


"While child abuse is a very unpleasant topic, it's a real issue that we need to concentrate on in our community. Last year in South Carolina there were more cases of child abuse reported than in any other state in the union. This is happening in our community, and we need to create awareness so that we can protect our children." Leslie Ann Mazzara, April 27, 2002

Leslie got the idea of doing a sit-a-thon after reviewing court transcripts of the trial of one of Stephanie Carter's abusers. Stephanie was the four-year-old Anderson girl who died on October 17, 2000, after a year of torture at the hands of her father and stepmotherDuring the trial, on the floor in front of the jury box, Solicitor Druanne White taped out a diagram of the tiny half-bath where Stephanie was locked away for 80 to 90 percent of the last year of her life. As part of her closing argument to the jury, Ms. White sat quietly on the floor inside the box for one minute. This silent demonstration made such an impact on the jury that the defendant was found guilty of homicide by child abuse and sentenced to life in prison. Leslie knew that a similar demonstration would also impact anyone who viewed it, hence the idea for the sit-a-thon.  Click here to read the full Anderson Independent-Mail article on Stephanie Carter .


Sit for Stephanie 2004 was held at the Anderson County Farmer's Market and raised $1244

Sit for Stephanie 2005 was held in conjunction with Freedom Weekend Aloft

Many local beauty queens got involved to help us raise over $1335.  During the four-day event, we gave out lots of free popcorn and balloons and painted quite a few faces.  Most importantly, we raised awareness for our cause and that of Calvary Home for Children.



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